How to Match Tie to Pocket Square


We are living in times which can best be described as well-dressed times where men have of late taken pride at minding more than ever about their appearance and image. If you choose to wear a suit make sure that you strike a good balance between elegance and comfort and also ensure that you choose your accessories. The two accessories that are proving to be quite a hard task in choosing the best match are the tie and pocket square. Pocket squares have in the recent past experienced a huge surge in their popularity among men. This is the chief reason why it is important for all men who wish to accessorize them perfectly ought to get some useful tips on how to mix and match them with ties.

It is important to focus on the main rule that exists when attempting to match ties to pocket squares and it is that they should not exactly match. This is mainly due to the fashion rule that colors ought to complement each other and therefore replicating the same color results in a form of mediocrity. Your pocket squares ought to differ from your tie in a certain way in order to give you a striking look. Below are some important tips to consider.

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You should not exactly match the color of your tie to that of the square you choose to wear with a certain suit. It would be a major faux pass in the etiquette of wearing pocket squares. When you wear it with your tie, ensure that it complements your shirt or tie. It could as well pick out a certain color from your tie. If you wear a blue tie with some yellow or black spots then the pocket handkerchief can pick any of these colors. You could also go for a square with a pattern that encompasses the two colors. It is even easier to wear the pocket handkerchief without a tie as well. You are free to play around with colors but do not match it to the color of your tie. That would be breaking the only fashion commandment present for wearing squares.

If Both Accessories have Prints and Patterns

If your two accessories i.e. the square and the tie have patterns or prints you must ensure that these pattern spacing differ from each other to create a striking match. If for example your tie comes in thin stripes, ensure that your square will be striped but in preferably thicker and block stripes. A tie with small squares or that is checkered would work well with a dotted pocket handkerchief. These dots should be bigger and largely spaced polka dots or pin dots. The main goal here would be creating a visual contrast which is achieved via proportion and spacing.


As the pocket handkerchief is meant to break the jacket color and add some color to the ensemble of a well dressed gentleman, ensure that its fabric differs from the one of the suit. A woolen suit ought to be worn with a linen or silk pocket handkerchief. This will give you a sophisticated look and ensure you are in tune with the latest fashion trends.


Lastly, there are a number of different ways in which you can wear a pocket square. This refers to the way that you decide to fold your square. The two most versatile folds are the square fold and the puff. The square fold works well with linen or cotton pocket squares rather than wool or silk as these fabrics have more structure to keep the shape better. It works well in conservative styles or when a black tie is involved. The puff on the other hand is well suited for woolen or silk pocket squares. It can be flamboyant or conservative depending on the pocket handkerchief and how much of it you want to expose.

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